Is ADHD A Superpower?

Hey friend,

Do you think ADHD is a superpower?

Some do, and it certainly has qualities that can feel superhuman. When my hyperfocus is aimed in the right direction, I can be unusually productive. And I love the unique creativity that can come from having ADHD.

But the reality is, many ADHD symptoms make life a struggle.

You may not appreciate the benefits if you're drowning in the difficulties.

When you're just trying to survive, hearing people call ADHD a superpower or "a gift" can feel like a slap in the face, ignorant of your very real struggles.

I am a firm believer in positive thinking and I do enjoy considering my ADHD talents a superpower, but one that comes with daily kryptonite. This is my story and a mindset that motivates me.

Find your own definition that motivates you.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

Don't forget...

🚰 Drink some water. Many ADHD symptoms can worsen with dehydration. When I'm having a particularly bad ADHD day, I'll often realize I haven't had any water yet.

🎧💡 Unique ADHD Strategies That Work! (at least most of the time). There are lots of strategies for managing ADHD, but the problem is we often get bored of even the best ones. Add some new strategies to your repertoire with this episode of the Taking Control podcast with Nicki Kinzer and Pete Wright.

📝🌱 How to set up your digital garden. Digital gardens are a way to maintain your thoughts and ideas with public notes that can evolve over time. Externalizing my thoughts helps me better understand them, and I've been exploring different methods for doing this. This guide is a great primer to get started.

💬🙌 What ADHD strategies have worked for you? Do you have any go-to strategies for managing your ADHD you think others could benefit from? I'd love to hear them—send them to me directly at

Quote of the week

My mother taught me that being different was a good thing, that being different meant that you could actually make a difference.

— Justin Timberlake (actor and musician with ADHD)