I'll Act When It's Urgent, Not A Moment Sooner

Hello friends,

Thanks so much for reading—and if you're new, welcome!

This week's newsletter will be a bit shorter than usual. As you read this, I'm in the midst of taking my family on a road trip to explore the West Coast.

A much needed vacation!

Though is it really a vacation when you've got kids in tow? 🙃 (in case my kids ever read this: just kidding!)


I'm terrible at preparing for a vacation. I can't motivate myself to do most of the preparation, like packing, until the very last moment. And then I often forget something super important.

I know all of the great strategies that could help prevent this, but the problem with ADHD isn't the knowing, it's the doing.

So I lean into accepting my reality, the good and the bad. I am acutely aware of where my strengths fall short by society's standards. And I'm okay with that!

There's no magic solution to make my ADHD brain compatible with societal expectations or "common sense."

Rather than trying to change myself, I just try to better understand how my brain works better, so that I can try to turn any of my "faults" (by neurotypical standards) into my unfair advantage, leaning into the strengths when I can.

I hope this encourages you this week!

I'm feeling a bit unfocused at the moment, so this week's newsletter might be a bit scattered and rambly—the vacation urgency is finally kicking in so I'm going to go pack now... 😅


Stay focused, Jesse J. Anderson

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