How To Stay Focused

Hello friends,

One of the biggest difficulties with ADHD is staying focused when you want to stay focused. We're so easily drawn off by distractions both in our environment and inside our head that it can be difficult to stay on task.

I've talked before about how to find motivation in a previous newsletter (Four Cs of Motivation), but sometimes those distractions can be something you really don't want to forget. Maybe you suddenly remember a bill you have to pay, or you see an important email you wanted to read.

ADHD memory is fleeting—ignoring something important can be scary.

So you break focus and move on to this new task. Or if you're really trying to stay focused, that distraction becomes something you try to juggle in the air, keeping it in your working memory while somehow trying to return to your original task.

Instead of chasing down every "important" distraction/idea or trying keep it in overloaded working memory, give them a place to live.

When you're dedicating 30 minutes to work on a specific project, set a timer and then grab an index card or open a notes app.

When one of those random distractions or ideas come to mind:

  1. quickly write it down
  2. return to the project

At the end of 30 minutes, you can decide to take any action required on those distractions you wrote down.

It's a simple trick, but allows you to skip the juggling act and avoid getting pulled down the rabbit hole of an entirely different problem. Too often you can get lost for hours in that endless time distortion.

Speaking of...

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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