How to Build Tiny ADHD Habits

Hello friends,

A couple months ago, I lamented my long-standing difficulties with making habits work with ADHD.

It sounds great in theory, but in practice they never seem to become automatic like I want them too. Or they start to sound like just a bit too much work, and once I skip it once, they disappear completely from my brain.

On the latest episode of ADHD Nerds, I talk with Sharon Pope about how making habits work with ADHD requires focusing on tiny habits.

Like really super teeny tiny habits.

ADHD Nerds podcast, Ep. 12
Sharon Pope: Building Tiny Habits with ADHD

In his book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear talks about the importance making your habits small. He gives an example of getting dressed in workout clothes as a habit (rather than the entire workout as a habit).

In my interview with Sharon, she suggested our habits should be even tinier than that! Her example of a tiny habit she'd found success with was "just put one foot on the floor" when her morning alarm went off.

That's it. That's the whole habit.

The goal was that sometimes this would move her into action to get some morning exercise in. But even if she didn't exercise, just putting that foot on the floor was considered a success.

I've actually been trying this tiny habit---literally focusing ONLY on putting the foot on the floor---and found that it is improving my mornings. Even though I'm not doing anything else!

It often helps motivate me to get out of bed earlier. And even when it doesn't, it's just nice being able to call that simple step of putting a foot on the floor a success.

Later I may try to connect that tiny habit with something more, like exercise. But even if I do, I'll still celebrate that single move of putting my foot on the floor.

Starting your day with a win—even a tiny win—is a step in the right direction.

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

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It's going to be a great place to learn more about ADHD and some specific strategies for better working with your unique brain, rather than against it.

We have a few surprises planned, including a plan for ongoing accountability after the workshop weekend to help our students put things into practice in the weeks that follow.

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