Handwriting in ADHD

Hey friends,

I had an interesting experience this past week. After sharing a video that included some of my handwritten notes, I started getting some strange comments.

Many people were saying they had the exact same handwriting as me.


I posted another video asking if this identical handwriting thing was an ADHD thing and received nearly 5,000 comments (and 200,000 views!).

Many agreed—my handwriting looked identical to their own.



It turns out this may be due to a condition known as dysgraphia, which is common for people that have ADHD.

Primary symptoms include writing difficulties with:

  • spelling
  • legibility
  • word spacing and sizing
  • expression

Some people commenting on the video that their handwriting used to match mine, but they were able to change it through a lot of practice, and now can write perfectly legible text.

Sounds nice.

Maybe I'll collect a new hobby and learn to improve my handwriting.


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Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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