Getting Diagnosed

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In the latest episode of ADHD Nerds, I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Tish Gentile where we talked about a variety of topics, including ADHD and Autism, growing up in special education, and the importance of self-advocacy.

Dr. Tish Gentile: How to Prepare for ADHD Diagnosis

I especially enjoyed the tips for diagnosis and self-advocacy that Tish shared, and thought it would be super useful to outline some of them here!

Tips for Diagnosis and Self-Advocacy

Step one. Make the appointment! This can often be the hardest part.

I recommend checking your insurance provider's specialist directory, and searching for anyone that has "ADHD" or "Adult ADHD" listed as a specialty. But you can also speak to your primary care doctor.

Don't be afraid to get a second opinion if they dismiss your concerns.

Recruit a friend to help keep you accountable for setting up the initial appointment.

Step two. Prepare for the appointment.

Write down your symptoms, and any other information that you think might be helpful for the doctor to know. Print a list of ADHD symptoms, mark down the ones you think you have (and write down examples of them), and bring it with you to the appointment.

You might think you will remember them, but you won't. Write them down.

If you have any old report cards or notes from teachers that back up your symptoms, bring those as well. Medical professionals will often want examples of your symptoms from childhood, so if you don't have report cards or anything, take the time to write some examples down.

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