Driven To Create

Hello friends,

Do you have an internal drive to be creative?

I've heard from so many ADHDers that have created something truly amazing, or have tackled different problems or jobs with unique solutions that no one else would've come up with.

Our brains are uniquely wired for creation.

If you need to brainstorm, grab an ADHD pal and let the ideas flow....

🧠 🌩️️

ADHDers often feel an internal need to create.

We have an appetite, a desire, we must create, we have to do it in order to feel that satisfaction.

That internal hunger must be fed in order to feel satisfied. (Okay, that’s a lie. The ADHD creative spirit is never satisfied. But we try.)

Our ADHD is a driver of unique and novel thinking.

It gives us clever ideas and thoughts that other people wouldn't think of, outside-of-the-box solutions that others miss completely.

Of course! We're so naturally curious, the desire for play goes hand in hand with the discovery of new possibilities.


What amazing creations or clever solutions have you come up with lately?

I'd love to play a bit of show and tell, let me know what you've made!

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

I'm writing a book on ADHD tentatively titled "Refocus"!

​Check out the preview site where you can join the waitlist, view the table of contents, or even contribute. 🙏

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