Cut Yourself Some Slack

Hello friends,

For many of us, we can be our own worst critic.

We like it set ourselves up with big lofty goals—ridiculous and probably unachievable goals. We know the challenge will drive our motivation and helps us get to work.

But then when you fall short of those goals, you forget that you'd set yourself up for something impossible.

You blame yourself for failing yet again.

Last month was ADHD Awareness Month, and I had an idea I was really excited to implement. I was going to go through the alphabet and discuss a different topic of ADHD every day.

Attention, Boredom, Creativity, Diagnosis, Emotions, etc.

Even more perfect, I counted up the days and I could post one every day except for Sundays, and it lined up with the number of letters.


You may have already seen how this ended up… October is over, and I only got as far as N is for Neurodiversity.

I've still got 12 to go! 🤦‍♂️

But you know what, that's okay! It was a self-imposed standard and it was pretty lofty to think I could do one every single day. But the challenge gave me the motivation to get more than halfway through!

And so what if October is over, I can still finish my alphabet posts. I don't think people will mind. (You can check my progress on Instagram)

What lofty goals have you reached for and come short, but still ended up with something amazing?

And if you didn't end up with something amazing, celebrate yourself for taking the steps to try. 💙

Reach out and let me know by replying to this email!

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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