Building a Second Brain

Hello friends,

Earlier today I got to participate on a panel for the Second Brain Summit with Marie Poulin, Bryan Jenks, and moderated by Karaminder. It was amazing!

Our session was called PKM Through the Lens of ADHD.

(you should be able to still register through this link, which will give you access to the video when available)

If you aren't aware, PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management and has become a bit of a buzzword in the productivity space.

The idea is having a system to manage knowledge you acquire—notes that allow you to easily organize and discover ideas, recording things you learn and finding connections.

Whether you call it a Second Brain, Zettelkasten, or Smart Notes—these solutions all provide a way of organizing thoughts and notes in a system that is linked together. There are a lot of great tools that make this possible too—apps like Notion, Obsidian, Craft, Thunk Notes, and more.

It's particularly helpful for those with ADHD, because our memory often fails us.

Using a system like this can really help you externalize your thoughts. (I've written before about the importance of externalizing your brain)

Just remember that not all productivity advice is compatible with the ADHD brain.

There's a lot of great PKM content out there, but if you try something and it doesn't work—that's okay, it probably wasn't written for your type of brain. Take what works, throw away the rest.

Adapt it to work for you, see how you can make it more interesting or simply try a different approach.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. Last week I launched my Patreon page! Thanks to all patrons that have signed up to support me and my work. I'm hoping to record and release some early podcast interviews on the Patreon soon. And if it grows large enough—launch a Discord community. Hope to see you there! 💙



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