ADHD Myths and Moving On

Hello friends,

Most people have heard of ADHD, but most people also believe a lot of outdated ADHD myths. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 36, partly because of the myths that I believed.

In particular, I always thought I couldn't have ADHD because "I have no trouble focusing on the things that interest me!" People always seemed to point out that I had no problem focusing on video games, or computers, or whatever other nerdy hobby I was into at the time.

But when I finally learned about hyperfocus, those things suddenly made a lot more sense. I could focus on those things specifically because they were interesting.

It wasn't because I was being difficult, or because I wasn't trying to focus on those other, important things.

My brain just works that way—it's driven by interest.

Rather than just getting frustrated with it or "trying harder", I've learned that I need to work with my brain, trying differently, rather than wishing my brain worked liked most.

I actually love (most of the time) that my brain doesn't work the same as most people!

Last year, I gave a talk on Toxic Productivity for ADHD that describes this journey for me, learning to lean into the things that are interesting to my brain, in order to get myself to be able to do the things that are of interest to my career or maintaining my relationships.

While its easy to feel shame and beat myself up for this (I have 36 years of practice!), the path forward has been to accept it, and work with it.

Find the strategies that work for you, and be quick to move on from those that don't.

Stay focused, Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. My talk on Toxic Productivity for ADHD has started to pick up steam on YouTube—inspiring me to work on more videos. I'd love to hear what topics you think I should cover more of! If you have any thoughts or topic ideas, just reply to this email and let me know. Thanks!