ADHD is a Terrible Name

Hello friends,

ADHD is a terrible name.

It's terrible for a variety of reasons, but mostly because people with undiagnosed ADHD hear the name and think "oh, that's not me."

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. And we've got problems right at the start.

People with ADHD don't have an attention deficit. It's the opposite—we have an attention surplus!

We're paying attention to so many things at once, that it's hard to focus on what's most important.

Sometimes even just the numerous thoughts in your head are enough to overload your focus, requiring scattered attention.

What we really have is attention disregulation. We don't lack attention, we lack the ability to regulate and control it.

Next in the name is Hyperactivity. This is another problem - many of us do not have the hyperactive-impulsive presentation. And any hyperactivity we do have is internal, rather than something that can be observed.

The problem with these, along with many of the myths people believe about ADHD, is it paints a false picture of what ADHD is.

Before my diagnosis, I thought that people with ADHD couldn't focus on anything for longer than a few seconds—so I knew that I couldn't have ADHD because I could hyperfocus on things I was interested in for hours and hours. Then I learned that hyperfocus was actually an ADHD symptom. 🙃

What myths kept you away from your diagnosis, thinking "obviously I don't have ADHD because ____," before you found out the truth?

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

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