ADHD Does NOT Mean You Are Hyperactive

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Many of you related with last week's newsletter, ADHD is a terrible name — thank you everyone that sent in feedback and encouragement about how it resonated with you!

On that same note, I recently posted about how ADHD does not mean that you're hyperactive (though some are).

I have a busy week preparing for the Working with ADHD workshop (tomorrow is the last day to sign up!) so I'm going to share that thread for this week's newsletter.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but ADHD does NOT mean you are hyperactive. Some ADHDers are hyperactive, but there's a whole other presentation of ADHD called Predominantly Inattentive, which is more common in women and doesn't look hyperactive at all.

The Predominantly Inattentive presentation of ADHD looks like:

  • often making careless mistakes and missing small details
  • easily distracted from tasks/activities
  • doesn't seem to listen when spoken to
  • often loses focus or is sidetracked from schoolwork, chores, etc
  • has trouble organizing tasks and activities
  • often avoids tasks that require mental effort over long periods of time
  • loses things necessary for tasks
  • often easily distracted
  • often forgetful in daily activities

These symptoms are from the DSM-5 that mental health professionals use to diagnose ADHD.

It's not intended for self-diagnosis, but for reference, only 5 of those listed symptoms are needed for an Adult ADHD diagnosis.

There are a lot of great comments in the thread too, so make sure to check it out!

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Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. Final chance to sign up for the Working with ADHD workshop! Hope to see you there—really excited to dive in and work together as a community! We're going to learn a ton this weekend and work together on building our own toolbox of strategies, and then stay connected to provide the accountability needed to put those strategies into practice. You aren't going to want to miss it!


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