ADHD Burnout

Hello friends,

I often feel like my life is a juggling act—a chainsaw juggling act.

Boredom is even more terrifying, so I often introduce new chainsaws (new projects) to the act in order to make things more interesting again.

That might be the reason I've launched a new podcast, which just released its first episode! 🙃

This can be great, you're trying out all these new, interesting, and novel things—and this act of seeking novelty often leads to exciting and creative new explorations.

Some of the things I'm most proud of were created in a season of chainsaw juggling.

But eventually, it often comes crashing down.

When the act starts to crumble, you often drop everything in a terrible, epic crash.

Suddenly, you lose the will to do even the most basic tasks. It can feel like (or even lead to) a deep depression or overwhelming anxiety.

Extreme fatigue that knocks you flat.

To resist this, we really need to learn to pause and not say yes to every opportunity that comes our way.

Remember that "no" is a complete sentence.

And we need to find trusted sources (friends, family, etc) that can keep us accountable when we're taking on too much.

One of the reasons I decided to make ADHD Nerds a bi-weekly podcast, rather than weekly, is because one of my most trusted sources (my wife) pointed out how much I was trying to take on.

And maybe, just maybe, it was a bit too much.

A podcast is still a lot of work, but the compromise of doing it every other week makes it a lot more manageable, and less likely to come crashing down (and taking everything else with it).

But I still get to enjoy this exciting new avenue to explore creativity and build something new.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson



🎙️ Stephen Scott: Guilt-free Meditation, Radiant Brains, and Beautiful Math [ADHD Nerds Podcast]​ The first episode of the ADHD Nerds podcast is out, and I'm so excited to kick things off with my good pal, Stephen Scott! We became fast friends last year when meeting online in the Ship30for30 cohort. We talk about how meditation isn't a magic bullet, the power of journaling, and embracing your radiant brain. Give it a listen!