ADHD Brain Fog

Hello friends,

Do you ever feel like details get lost in your brain?

The worst is when it happens and you don't even realize it.

You think you've got everything under control and figured out, when suddenly the consequences of missing that important detail come roaring into view.

This also happens when you get stuck with a task you're trying to complete or problem you're trying to solve.

You think you understand the problem, but for some reason you keep getting stuck in ADHD Inertia.

One way to combat this is to try to externalize that project or problem you're dealing with—get the details out of your head and into physical space where you can really deal with them.

  • Write it down. Pretend you're telling a friend what the problem is, the steps involved, and what the final result should be.
  • Sketch it out. Draw a visual representation of your desired outcome with a project.
  • Create a mind map. People with ADHD are often non-linear thinkers, and mind maps work well for organizing thoughts that are inherently disorganized.
  • Describe it out loud. Verbalizing a problem and your current attempt to solve it will often allow you to clearly see what missing details may be hidden within your brain fog.

These solutions won't always solve your problem, but they can be a good starting point to help you figure out where the gaps exist.

It's easy to miss those gaps when you're only tracking them in your head, try to make them obvious by bringing them into the physical world.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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