2021 Annual Review

Hello friends,

Last year was a big one for me.

I published some of my biggest takeaways of the year in my 2021 Annual Review.

Taking the time to write down your successes can be beneficial for everyone, but especially for people with ADHD. Because of our difficulties with memory, we often forget out biggest successes.

The negative memories? Those stick around. Forever.

But the positive experiences, the compliments, the projects that went right... we tend to let those memories slip from our grasp.


Sometimes we even downplay them away in the moment. Using "yeah but..." to explain away our success with qualifiers.

We put ourselves at a disadvantage by letting our wins slip from memory.

Neurotypical people face a new challenge and immediately can remind themselves of similar experiences where they had success and then use that built-in encouragement to motivate themselves to keep going.

But for ADHDers, every new challenge can feel impossible.

Even the small challenges can become overwhelming. We compare them against our biggest failures—of course they feel daunting.

I recommend trying to find a regular practice of recording your wins and successes.

An annual review can be a great place to start, spend some time writing down anything and everything that went right. It doesn't have to big, just something that gave you personal satisfaction, a personal win.

Evaluate and celebrate where you've done well. Return to them and reinforce a positive soundtrack.

Then find a regular practice of returning to these. I know they can get lost in infinity drawers over time, but set up sticky notes, calendar reminders.

Something to bring you back to those successes so you don't forget them the next time you come up to a challenge.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson


Links of the week

📝⏰ ADHD Time Management Troubles: 5 Areas To Attack! I'm a big fan of the work René Brooks does (you may know her by the moniker "Black Girl, Lost Keys"). I first heard her years ago on the ADHD Rewired podcast and was immediately a fan. This has some great easy-to-use time management strategies for getting control over your out-of-control schedule.